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Synopsis for Legal Clinic


In every society Law is a denominator and the barometer for measuring the extent of how civil or otherwise a group of people within a geographical area are. Oftentimes, rules, laws and decrees are made by superintending authority which affect the generality of the people, positively or negatively, as the case may be. Added to these are case laws and bye-laws.

The society therefore becomes complicated and the volumes of this corpus or body of laws become unwieldy. The more unwieldy this corpus becomes the more difficult it is for the general public to apprehend the contents and the intendment.

Of course, the government and the agencies responsible for dissemination of information have failed woefully in their duties and responsibilities to enlighten, educate and inform the public on the essence of such laws. Whereas, it is banal, that ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

  • Legal clinic aims to educate, sensitize, orient and create awareness in the society about the provisions of law for safeguarding rights, privileges and duties of the citizens, corporate bodies and the society at large. In achieving this, the various media platforms such as electronic media and the social networks will be maximized.
  • To organize seminars and symposiums where aggrieved people can consult professionals who will be giving lectures on topics they are interested in, thereby providing basic information on various aspects and concepts of law.
  • It is also aimed at educating the public about various options that the government has put in place to be enjoyed by citizens and corporate bodies by creating awareness and access to meeting the legal needs of the general public.

Legal Clinic is a concept designed primarily to bring law closer to people. It is designed to break down the complexities of legal conundrums and simplify the intricacies of law.

Legal Clinic is an informative and enlightening program targeted at the general public with the aim of educating, sensitizing, orienting and enlightening the society about their rights, privileges and duties which the laws governing the society has put in place for them to enjoy.

The program cuts across all spheres and expressions of law as it affects the day to day dealings and transactions of the society at large. It also aims to educate people about options and remedies available that will benefit them in their daily dealings and transactions.

Legal Clinic is a platform through which the general society, corporate bodies, individuals and the various Government agencies can familiarize themselves with the workings of the law and how the law can be exploited to everyone’s benefit.

The program aims to encourage the public to exploit legal options that will be in their favour and create awareness about the flaws and mistakes the public make when transacting business and dealing with issues when the provisions of the law is ignored or bypassed, then proffering solutions, making recommendations and suggestions on the avenues to exploit in getting the desired results.

Overtime, the Nigerian society has come to accept injustices and abuses as the will and act of God for them due to the perceived hardship they think the law imposes and that Justice if achieved at all will take a lifetime, so they go ahead carrying on business as usual and at a great loss time and again. People are being deprived of their rights and privileges due to ignorance.

The Clinic aims to change this mentality by informing the public about the aim of the law which is basically for the citizen’s benefit and enjoyment, safety and protection, the various options that can be exploited and that agencies have been put in place by government to help the citizens.
On daily basis, people’s employment are terminated for no just cause or reason, the law enforcement agencies such as the police abuse citizens’ rights, law abiding citizens carrying on their businesses are harassed at will, some businesses are not aware that they are entitled to tax reliefs, etc. All these flaws are embraced and the victims let it pass by without doing anything to right the wrong occasioned against them thereby giving the abusers the effrontery to continue with their unlawful acts. All these and more are what the Legal Clinic aims to point out, explain and proffer solutions.

The clinic is established as a platform to empower people by creating awareness and access to meeting the legal needs of the general public.

Seminars and symposia will be organized monthly and the general public will be invited to learn from eminent jurists and lawyers about the various topics which will cut across various branches and concepts of law.

  • Maritime Law
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Oil and Gas Law
  • Fundamental Human Rights
  • Police and You
  • Inheritance Law
  • Property and Conveyancy Law
  • Intestacy
  • Family law

At the end of each session, questions will be entertained and answered by the facilitators and professionals present as more light is shed on the topic for the day in a simplified form.

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    Jane Mirabel

    The quality of the service and the professionalism of the attorneys is amazing. When it comes to getting professional help or a quick legal advice, these guys are the best! Thank you for working on my case, it means a lot to me to be the winner in the end!

    Femi Philips

    We had had a major family issue that has grown into a court case eventually. Most of the lawyers have either refused to help us or have been incapable of doing so. A close friend of mine recommended your company, and I am so happy that I can rely on you!

    Stanley Eires

    I have dealt with many attorneys, but none of them could figure out my case. It was my lucky day to come to your office and meet the attorney who was able to provide me with all the necessary information and help me out right away!

    John Fowode

    We appreciate your immediate help on the matter! If it wasn’t for you, we would still have been waiting for the final court and for the verdict. I will be recommending your law firm to all of my business partners and friends. Thank you!

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